Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have been patient in waiting for you three to return.

Gallows and Graves continue to flee. Their Master has disowned them and decided to send its minions to eliminate the failures.

Josie Crumin has decided to find herself a shield.

Yet the three do not return to their sanctuary and prison where they are the safest. The pair continues to cut through their own kind and are unable to rest. Equal in every way to runaway children, I was hoping they would gain common sense. I have come to the conclusion they will not and therefore will have to take action into my own hands.

All three will suffer punishment for leaving the grounds our game has always been played upon. Accomplices will be punished for their interference should they continue to assist the three after this message.

We look forward to entering your world again. It has been some time since we have last been there.

Yours truly,
Mister Creevey