Friday, October 21, 2011


Introductions are in order.

My name is Mister Creevey.

Very good.
We have no need to pretend now that I am a mere onlooker, we know better. We don't have to pretend I am human either, we know very well that I am not. We know I am not really an Agent, but I did eat the one who was. Now the pieces come together, the players in our woven web.

The boy that never knew fear until the day we met: Gallows
The girl that doesn't know what she wants: Graves
The pawn of the game: Josie Crumin
I, your captor.

We have a very fun crowd this round, I wonder if it will grow bigger. The last group didn't fair well, this land was cruel and favored not their weak hearts. Luckily you three do not have weak hearts, only weak minds. This will be a fun change.

We cannot wait to see how you handle yourselves. Who will go first? We can taste your anticipation and it's delicious.

Yours truly,
Mister Creevey